In this website called Well Vegan they offer an interesting service. If you think you’re too busy to be vegan but you often thought about going meat-free, you should give it a try. Every week you’ll receive a grocery shopping list and recipes, for every meal of the week, so you don’t have to worry about planning … Read more

One of the most inspiring talk on design I’ve ever seen, very emotional and exceptionally presented. The author is Wilson Miner, designer from San Francisco and the event is the Build Conference. Here you can find the media bibliography.

We just came back from Milan where we went to see the opening of an infographics exhibition by Francesco Franchi, art director for IL — Intelligence in lifestyle, Il Sole 24 ORE. The event took place in Santeria, a small and cozy club run by creative workers in east Milan where you can have a nice aperitivo with vintage cocktails and homemade beers. In the club you can find also a store with books and clothings, a well-stocked bar and nice people. Read more

In this amazing work by Timo Arnall computer vision algorithms are exposed and is possible to appreciate a sort of aesthetic. Robot readable world by Timo Arnall.

Yesterday me and my friend Marcello went to Bologna for the WhyMCA Hack Reality.
It was held inside the CNR and well sponsored by intersting companies that bringed a lot of amazing toys. We played with devices like LEGO Mindstorm, Kinect, NetDuino, Nokia NFC, OpenPicus, Wikitude, 3D printers and many more in order to create a working prototype. Read more

Recently I finished another module of the master that I’m attending in SUPSI, Lugano. The course was “Designing advanced Environment” and ended up with a show inside the school. Not only our course but all the university was turned in a whole big exhibition where every class showed their amazing works, going from visual communication, typography and illustration to architecture and lighting. Read more

Some days ago i wanted to create a website using some old hypertext software, the only problem was that I couldn’t remember any software name. When i was in middle school i had a professor called Matera that really tried to teach us advanced topics like Pascal, modelling and electronics but i guess we were … Read more

tonight opus is born